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Deep Clean

Our deep clean service includes all the areas of our Basic Clean service PLUS additional items.  Deep cleaning allows us to spend more time to clean those hard to reach and forgotten areas of your home such as window treatments and baseboards.

(Basic Clean) Bedroom

Change linens when requested

Dust all surfaces

Vacuum floors

(Basic Clean) Living Room, Den, Family Room, Dining Room, Office, Playroom

Dust all surfaces

Vacuum floors

(Basic Clean) Bathroom

Clean mirror, vanity, sink, toilet, bath tub and shower

Sweep floor

Mop floor

(Basic Clean) Kitchen

Clean all counters, sink, and outside of all appliances

Sweep floor

Mop floor

(DEEP CLEAN) Additional Areas

High dust all rooms

Clean ceiling fans

Clean light fixtures


Wipe down window sills

Inside windows

Wipe down baseboards

Cabinets inside and out

Inside of appliances

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